EOs and Happy Hair Flips

100 Happy Days.

Day 56, Staaaaahp Brains.

I made the mistake of taking a long nap after work last night. As a result I stayed up really late thinking. For the first time in a bit, I couldn’t get my brain to just shut off so I could go to sleep. I really didn’t want my day to end on a frustrating note because I’d probably have some stupid, crazy dream as a result so finally around 11:30p I decided to ake a bath.

I wanted a super hot, moisturizing bath so I combined coconut oil with a blend of my favorite essential oils. A half hour later I was nearly falling asleep in the tub. I wish I thought of that an hour or so sooner, I’d probably feel a lot more rested today.

100 Happy Days #56. Apr 13, 2015

100 Happy Days #56. Apr 13, 2015

Day 57, When I flip, you flip, we flip.

Today is the first time in, ohhhhhhh, forever that I did something with my hair for work. Hold on to your pants…. I dried it. My goodness, I’ve been getting lazy since I started growing it out. Normal routine is to pin my bangs back and pull the rest back in a teeny, tiny ponytail.

Annnnnyway. When I got to work this morning I did my usual quick check in the mirror before I jumped out of the car and noticed that my hair was doing a cute little up flip thing. My normally straight, flat hair gets the funniest little curls when it’s growing out.

Oh, and that colorful scarf that you can hardly see? That’s one of the new arm knit scarfs that I made when I was on-call 2 weeks ago. I heart it so much. I pretty much heart my ginormous “alien eye” shades that take up half of my face real estate, too.

100 Happy Days #57. Apr 14, 2015

100 Happy Days #57. Apr 14, 2015

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