Unfocused Friday.

What to do. What. to. do.

Given the impromptu sleep-over last weekend, I’m not sure if I should bring clothes with me or not when I go to pick up Freya. Doing so is really presumptuous but I don’t want clothes to be a deciding factor if he wants to hang out again.

My partner in crime told me to throw a bag in my car, leave it out there and if it comes up to say that I keep an overnight bag in my car in case I stay at her place. I like how she thinks. However, I think I might just go with the truth if that’s something I decide to do.

This. Day.

We’re short 2 people at work right now so we’re busier than normal. When anything is off at all then we’re running like crazy. Today is one of those off days. Holy balls.


Someone who has been holding a grudge against me for nearly a decade smiled instead of scowled at me today. I’m pleased with this progress.

Stop, whoa, back it up.

Now let me see your hips swing! I love that jam. It’s fun. It’s also my earworm for the day.

This video cracks me right up.


Same song, different video. Still amusing.

Being Mary Jane.

The above earworm is a result of listening to a play list of jams from the show Being Mary Jane. BMJ is one of my favorite shows I’m obsessed with right now. I’m sad next week is the season finale already. I hope Stephen C Bishop makes an appearance. That’ll make it better. He’s a new obsession, too. Because whoa.

Adventure! Adrenaline! …Aaaaaack!

After 4 long years, I finally found someone to go ziplining with me this summer. I’m so excited! However, the deal was that I have to go white water rafting with him. I tried to use the “I don’t know how to swim” defense but his reply was, “Shut up. You don’t have to know how. You’ll have on a life-preserver and a little helmet.”

How can I argue with that?



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