Think Out Loud Thursday #6

Wanted: Zzzz’s.

A 3 hour nap Monday afternoon has my sleep schedule flipped. I sleep in the evening for a few hours then I’m awake all night. Even though I’m dead tired, I’m in better spirits than I was last week.

New Desk.

See this desk? It’s going to be mine as soon as I get it cleared off, minus green make-shift desk buried in the back right. I’m excited because I’ll finally get rid of this ugly desk I’ve had since I started last year. (It matches the green make-shift desk in the pic.) The fugly desk is one of the original desks that we had when I originally started in the department in December 1997.

My New Desk... Eventually

My New Desk… Eventually

The downside? I already spent two freakin’ hours cleaning and going through things in the back left section last Friday. Yeah… that’s clean compared to what it was. I lost my patience and walked away.

Staying Grounded.

Just friends. Just friends, just friends, just friends.

I Love My Job.

Some days we’re troubleshooting servers, other days we’re testing a selfie stick.

I’m Such A Timely Gift Giver.

I forgot to pick up a birthday gift when I went down to pick up Freya last weekend. I’m working on 2 weeks late now. I can’t forget to run to the shop tomorrow. I hope the item is still there! At least the gifts won’t be 3+ months late like the Christmas gifts AND the birthday fun is extended for a while.

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