Project Week, Day 3

100 Happy Days

Day 44, Bling!

100 Happy Days #44. Apr 1, 2015

100 Happy Days #44. Apr 1, 2015

I finished another project! Yes, it was one that I started yesterday so I only half-ass crafted tonight but finished is finished. It’s a huge deal for me. I already mentioned how the other project I started turned out. Then I got paged after that minor whatever it was  and wasn’t ready to dive into the whole painting business when I was done with the call… so the painting is pushed off another day.

I got a tiny bit excited about the paint when I went shopping and bought more than I planned.

Anyway. I wish the photo showed how truly amazing the bases of the blinged out champagne flutes turned out. They remind me of Dorothy’s Ruby Red Slippers.

I decided on red glitter instead of a seasonal color so the recipient can use the flutes for Christmas, Valentines, and 4th of July… or whenever she feels like using sassy red glassware. Besides, in addition to the scarf, they were also supposed to be a Christmas gift (but only this past Christmas) so the red is totally fitting.

I’m so on top of my gift giving.

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