Beer, and more beer.

100 Happy Days

Day 40, Beer

After being at the casino for 2 full days, my cousins and I decided to escape and get some fresh air for a while. We visited a few stores around town before meeting one of my sisters at a brewpub in town. This was the only picture I took that day.

100 Happy Days #40. Mar 28, 2015

100 Happy Days #40. Mar 28, 2015

Day 41, More Beer

Because everyone was feeling sort of cooped and congested again, we checked out of the hotel a day early and went to Green Bay. While we were shopping I finally found my favorite beer at one of the liquor stores. It was quite the exciting moment for me.

100 Happy Days #41. Mar 29, 2015

100 Happy Days #41. Mar 29, 2015

UPDATE: Oops, I forgot to post a day. Will do shortly. The whole weekend is sort of smashed together in my brains. :)

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