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100 Happy Days

Day 39, Celebrating Rachel

Rachel had her 30th birthday party Friday night. It was a small, cocktail party with some family and friends. It was such a fun evening. Once I weeded out the bad and blurry pics, I still ended up with more than 40 of various family. Some of my favorites are on Facebook. I haven’t decided if I wanted to post them anywhere else yet.

100 Happy Days #39. Mar 27, 2015

100 Happy Days #39. Mar 27, 2015

Rachel & I wanted a picture of just the two of us in our cocktail dresses. We’re both the tiniest bit disappointed that people started jumping in before we got “the picture”. We know you love us but respect the bond, people. Geez. Heh.

The group pictures that happened instead were equally fun. I’m pretty sure Rachel’s dad photobombing me, Rach & our cousin is one of my picture of the weekend. I actually debated using that sequence instead of this one.

And even though we didn’t get our great shot Rachel & I hoped for, I love how this shows our goofiness and the bond between us. The lower right pic is easily my favorite.

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