They’re Here!

100 Happy Days.

Day 38, Wally and Karena.

My cousins are here! Wally drove up Wednesday and Karena flew in yesterday. I met them in Green Bay yesterday morning. Before making our way up to Michigan, I showed them around Green Bay a little bit. Of course, I had to take them to Lambeau. Wally was pretty much in heaven. It’s always fun to experience Green Bay with another Packers fan who doesn’t get the opportunity to visit very often.

100 Happy Days #38. Mar 26, 2015

100 Happy Days #38. Mar 26, 2015

Sidenote: Wally is the cousin I was worried about meeting. I am pleased he only looks like my dad and brother in pictures. He looks nothing like them face to face, beyond the typical family “we all look alike” characteristics at least.

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