On this day, there was snow.

100 Happy Days

Day 37, Snow.

100 Happy Days #37. Mar 25, 2015

My 55 mile drive to work this morning, while very snowy, was lovely and peaceful. I didn’t have to drive super slow but slightly slower than a normal day because I could feel the tires on ThePod slip when I’d try to drive the speed limit. A nice man in a large GMC truck followed me the entire way. I know he was going in the same direction but he did have opportunities to pass, including the time I slowed down and pulled over for him.

So I drove deep in thought, with the radio off, enjoying one of the last snowfalls of the season and remembering how on this day in 1996 there was snow.

There was so much snow that we had to postpone Mom’s memorial service. There was so much snow that the family was trapped inside of the house our dad built… so we made a huge Zeba breakfast just like Mom would have done. As a family, even though we were hurting so deeply, we laughed so much that morning. To this day I haven’t seen as many double-yolked eggs as we got from that one carton.

I loved that snow storm. It was one of the very last days we were truly united as a family.

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