This is my happy faaaaace.

100 Happy Days

Day 30, Keeping It Classy.

March Madness totally calls for wine, right? Okay, Wine Wednesday calls for wine and March Madness was just a bonus.

Day 31, Grilled Cheese Sammich.

Healthy twist on a favorite. I made it with Food for Life Sprouted Grain Bread, tomato, fresh mozzarella cheese, and pesto. I was so excited when I cut it open and the cheese oozed over the tomatoes.

100 Happy Days #31. Mar 19, 2015

Day 32, Freya: The Dog with Magical Sleeping Powers.

I had the hardest time sleeping Thursday night. I couldn’t get my mind to shut off. I went to bed around 10p, woke up at midnight, fell asleep at 1a and woke up for the day at 2a. When I finally got home with Freya and settled in, it was 11:30p.  She immediately jumped in my bed. We woke up for a couple of short walks but, other than that, we slept hard until after 4p.

100 Happy Days #32. Mar 20, 2015

Day 33, Shake It Up Baby, Now.

So, this is a bad picture but I was amused at how my newly opened container of protein powder was half empty. I didn’t realize how much I missed protein shakes. They’re a really convenient and healthy way to up my calories without making me feel like I’m stuffing myself.

100 Happy Days #34. Mar 21, 2015

Yes, I was totally reaching for something happy that wasn’t Freya related on Saturday.

Day 34, Even In Darkness There is Light.

This girl has a connection to my soul like no other.

100 Happy Days #33. Mar 22, 2015

Day 35, Rez Sweet Rez.

I’ve only been on D’s rez a few times since I moved a year ago. I was happy when I realized that one of my errands would take me up there today. It was a really short visit but one I definitely needed. It’s my Rez away from Rez.

100 Happy Days #35. Mar 23, 2015

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