Oh Happy Days.

100 Happy Days

Day 22.

I went to a kettlebell class. It kicked my ass and made me want to vomit. It was so awesome.

100 Happy Days #22. Mar 10, 2015

Day 23.

Blackened chicken with avocado, steamed kale and quinoa for dinner. It’s all about the macros, baby.

100 Happy Days #23. Mar 11, 2015

Day 24.

This is the first time my car read anything greater than 41mpg since November. I only had 2 miles on the tank but I was thrilled. ThePod is maintaining around 49-50mpg since the weather warmed up again.

100 Happy Days #24. Mar 12, 2015

Day 25.

After a rough morning at work, I made it to Shawano to see Freya. The adorable couldn’t be measured watching her wait patiently as we sang an abbreviated “Happy Birthday” to her and blew out her candles. She licked the frosting off first cupcake before eating it. The 2nd was way too delicious so she just gobbled it down.

100 Happy Days #25. Mar 13, 2015

Day 26.

I had a gross number of calories to spare today so I decided to run grab a bottle of wine after about 2 hours of debating. Initially, I couldn’t find what I was looking for and was a little bummed. I spotted the bottle on the left just as I was about to leave. The changed the label on one of my favorite wines! The old bottle is on the left.

100 Happy Days #26. Mar 14, 2015

The clerk at the liquor store didn’t believe me that they’ve carried it for about a year. Apparently the label threw him, too.

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