Think Out Loud Thursday #2.

Happy Birthday to my sweet, sweet Freya!

This is from her first “Happy Birthday” 6 years ago. She LOVES cupcakes. This year she’s getting “beefcakes” for a delicious savory treat and regular cupcakes… because she has a sweet tooth and heaven forbid we have a birthday celebration where she doesn’t get a cupcake. My dog, ladies & gentlemen.

I’m taking 1/2 day off work tomorrow so I can still see her during my on-call week. This is the 3rd straight week where I adjusted my work schedule so I can spend time with my dog. I’m so fortunate to have an awesome BossMan.


I stopped at the grocery store on my way to work because needed an afternoon snack for the day. I was going to grab a can of chickpeas and roast them here at work then I saw these lovelies. I thought, “YAY! Roasted chickpeas without babysitting them in the convection oven at work.”

Yeah. I’m not digging them. Not digging them at all. It makes me sad because now I’ll eat the stupid things since I hate wasting food. Next time I’ll just make them here if I forget to at home. Screw the pre-made crap.

Grey/gray, whatevs.

Growing out bangs is seriously the least fun thing in the world. They’re at a weird length so I end up doing this with my hair a lot. (Excuse the wicked dark circles. On-call week this time apparently translates to no sleep week. I don’t even care that I’m not wearing make-up to hide them because I’m that dang tired.)

Anyway. See that streak in my bangs? That’s freakin’ grey hair. Grey hair in the bangs caused a minor meltdown (meltdown is being dramatic, more of an uuuuuugh thing). The aging thing wouldn’t even phase me if it wasn’t for stupid grey hair.

The subject of grey hair will forever remind me of Sex and The City where Samantha found a grey hair… “down there”. Then, of course, her dye job that went awry leading the her crying to Carrie in the bathroom, “I’m Bozo The Bush!”

See that mole on my temple? That’s my 2nd favorite. The one on my cheek is my 3rd. The one on my chest is my favorite. It’s nicknamed “bug” because babies I hold while wearing a lower neck shirt tend to think it’s a bug and try to save me.

Random “Health and Wellness” tidbits.

The whole tracking calories in/calories out thing that I didn’t want to do? It’s working. It’s working really well. The whole calories & macro nutrient budget thing came back really fast.

Walking outside every day this week has been amazing.

Something finally “clicked” with me again. Instead of wanting a glass of wine or beer to chill out when I’m stressed about something, I’ll work out. I haven’t had that “click” in a year and a half.

I pointed out on Facebook that me from 2 years ago has been my greatest motivator. It’s a little amusing to me. Back then other people frequently commented on how much I inspired them. I never in a million years thought I’d look back at what I was saying and be able to inspire myself.

Oh. Remember the whole “Yay, maybe I’ll freak out less about having itty bitty boobies” thing? Booze bloat is an effin’ cruel jerkface. Screw you, you deceiving punk. At least I don’t have to have a wrestling match myself while I’m trying to put on my stupid sports bra anymore. Keep it positive or something, right?

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