“This kind of certainty comes but once in a lifetime.”

100 Happy Days

Day 21, Popcorn and A Movie

100 Happy Days #21. Mar 09, 2015

Not just any movie, though. One of my absolute favorites. The first time I watched The Bridges of Madison County was about 7 and a half years ago when D & I first started dating. On weekends I was unable to go down to visit him because I was on-call, we’d have a movie night one of the evenings. We’d each make popcorn and watch a movie that was on TV then and either text, talk on the phone or jump online.

One day The Bridges of Madison County was on TV so he quick called me and told me to watch. Clint Eastwood? I groaned. “No, just watch. You’ll love it. I just know it.”

And, boy, did I ever love it.

The movie has such an effect on me every time that I watch it I’ve only watched it 3 other times. I could go on forever about the tiniest details but there are 2 things in particular that kept giving me the warm & fuzzies this time;  running to answer the phone not exactly knowing who it might be on the other end and the handwritten documents. While I’m a technology girl, I’m a little sad the appreciation of both will be lost in the not-so-distant future.

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