An early night.

100 Happy Days

Day 19, Two.

Remember the big plans I had for last night? The whole go out until bar close then after bar party and all that? I’ll start off my saying it took me four hours to get ready because I was going to wear my extensions (before you go WHOA a long bath, 3 outfit changes, a pedicure, dinner and meditation is also included in there). Unfortunately, I couldn’t get my hair to blend smoothly with them so I ended up taking them out. After struggling with them for 2 hours, I ended up just doing my hair like I normally do and that took all of 10 minutes.

I ended up getting up north 2 hours later than planned because I only allotted 2 hours to get ready. I was up there for about 2 hours when I decided to come back home. My round trip travel time was 2 hours.

Before leaving I went to the snack bar for the 2nd time in a row to get fries to keep me awake on my trip home. I snapped just happened to snap a pic because I the number 22, well, I kinda like it. During my drive home while I was reflecting on the evening, I realized the significance of the number 2 all night.


100 Happy Days #19. Mar 07, 2015


I also dropped 2 of my fries on the floor of my car.

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