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100 Happy Days

Day 17, I need to find this waterfall.

100 Happy Days #17. Mar 05, 2015

It was my intent to stay in Michigan Thursday night so I could hang out then go to work the next day. After thinking about it most of the work day, I changed my mind. My time with Freya will be limited this month because of my schedule and I didn’t want to completely miss a weekend. She also has supplies that need restocking before the weekend is up. So, I came back home after work.

Yesterday was pretty uneventful for the most part. When I got home I did some prep work for Freya’s “supplies” and made dinner for myself. I was finally able to sit down about 8p to have a glass of wine and some cheese while I caught up on my shows. Because I only wanted a normal size glass of wine,  I grabbed my souvenir glass from Falling Waters Winery.

Excuse the weird smudge on the glass. This winter was really cruel to my hands (my guess is I haven’t been wearing proper gloves while walking Freya in bitter cold temps). I’m to the point where I sleep with the most ridiculously thick lotion on them and I put it on before settling down to watch TV.

Day 18, Freya’s Yummy Stuff.

100 Happy Days #18. Mar 06, 2015

My disgust with dog food manufacturers cannot be measured. Freya’s been getting sick off and on for a few weeks. It turns out it was her dog food. Now we have to switch her food over, again.

So. Frustrating.

D wants me to buy a brand of food that’s just not in my budget anymore. She’s a big dog so she eats a lot. If I make the switch to this brand for both hard and soft, her monthly food bill will be greater than mine. I’m not even kidding. I can’t justify feeding myself ramen noodles while she gets caviar. I just can’t. It wasn’t an issue when I lived with them because my expenses were 1/4 of what they are now. I’m trying to find a middle ground.

I’ve been making Freya chicken jerky for the past couple months. I also make her homemade gravy for her as a treat while she’s here. My middle ground right now is to make her a condensed homemade sauce gravy.

We always heat her soft food for her in the winter so making a condensed gravy works well for now. I have about 5-6 weeks before she’ll stop eating heated food, making the condensed gravy less that convenient. My current solution is to figure out how to can without using a pressure cooker. That way I can make a huge batch of soft food for her and D doesn’t have to sacrifice room in his freezer. The homemade soft food will absorb some of the bite to my wallet that the hard food is going to make. (No pun intended)


I love cooking yummy things for my girl. Jerky is her favorite and she’ll get a nice treat of “yummy sauce, chickens flavor”. I can’t wait to make her birthday goodies this week (she’ll be 7 Friday). I’m making beef jerky and cupcakes. She’s so spoiled.

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