You’re So Beautiful

She’s so beau-ti-ful…

Last night Freya & I were chillin’ on the couch & watching TV. Well, more like I was making my way through my DVR’d shows while she napped. I was watching Empire and, once again, fell in love with one of the songs… so I started singing.

“You’re so beau-ti-ful.”

{thump} Her tail wagged once. We have life! I smiled, started petting her and continued.

“You’re so beau-ti-ful. I still wait for you….”
(lyrics from the “90’s version”)

Her ears perked up and {thump} went her tail again. I have a terrible voice but she loves when I sing to her. It usually leads to some of our sweetest moments. After a few minutes, I had to get up to check on her chicken jerky that I had cooking in the oven. She was laying in the middle of the living room when I returned. I took the opportunity to find the “new” version of the song (video below) and started dancing around her. About a minute into the song she finally got her lazy buns up and started dancing with me. And by dancing, I mean throwing her snowman stuffie around the living room. She especially loves the “go up down, up down, up down” verse.

100 Happy Days, Day 10 – Hot Soup.

I still wasn’t feeling great on Thursday so I snuggled up in my favorite corner of the living room with a bowl of hot soup in one of Mom’s soup mugs. That always makes me feel better. Well, at least it makes my soul feel better.

100 Happy Days #10. Feb 26, 2015

100 Happy Days, Day 11 – Favorites.

Jeanne, Rachel & I had a sleep over at Rachel’s on Friday. When I woke up Friday morning I still felt pretty gross and I wasn’t sure how long I’d be able to stick around. I’m glad I bounced back was able to stay all night. We always have the best time.

100 Happy Days #11. Feb 27, 2015

100 Happy Days, Day 12 – Snuggles.

Oh, my heart. That’s really all I have to say about that. She fell asleep on me during our chick flick marathon. I zonked out shortly after.

100 Happy Days #12. Feb 28, 2015

100 Happy Days, Day 13 – Evening River Walk.

Tonight was the first time in a month+ that it was warm enough during one of Freya’s visits that we could go for a walk by the river. It’s our absolute favorite thing to do while she’s here. She was so excited that she wanted to run the whole way. I bribed her to sit still for a second so I could take a picture. And rest long enough to catch my breath.

100 Happy Days #13. Mar 01, 2015


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