Because I’m happy…..

Want an earworm?

No? Too bad.

You’re welcome. Now here are my 100 Happy Days catch up photos.

100 Happy Days, Day 7 – I ::heart:: you, Keurig!

On a day when I was sick, you were here for me…. my never-ending supply of hot water for tea, chicken broth and general warmth.

100 Happy Days #07. Feb 23, 2015

Thank you, Keurig. Thank you.

 100 Happy Days, Day 8 – Mmmmm Chocolate.

100 Happy Days #08. Feb 24, 2015

Yesterday. Oh boy. My plan was to go into work a little early. My plan went up in smoke when I got into my car and it wouldn’t start, the battery was dead. By the time I got my car jumped and got to work, I was 2 hours late instead of an hour early. It wasn’t a fun day at work when I finally got there, either. I still wasn’t feeling well and stuff just seemed to not work in my favor.

At the end of the day, I was pretty pumped to find this delicious unmelted/smooshed Andes Mint in my purse.

100 Happy Days, Day 9 – Remember How I Feel About Sharp Objects?

If you’ve known me for any length of time, you know sharp objects scare the hell out of me. More specifically, you know how actually using sharp objects scares the hell out of me, sometimes to the point of nausea, but do so out of necessity. I hate knives. HATE them but I obviously can’t function in a kitchen without being able to use them. Blades for food processor’s and blenders… I won’t even tell you the visions that pop in my head every time I use one.

So, imagine the thoughts that went through my head before I got brave enough to use this, the pinky tip eater…

100 Happy Days #09. Feb 25, 2015

BUT I DID IT. First I sliced a kiwi then a potato. Next time maybe I’ll be brave enough to use the slice & Julianne blades. I may or may not have done an epic fist pump after clean-up was over.

To be honest, I winced a lot while I sliced the potato because that was what I was slicing when this thing decided to eat my pinky 13 years ago. But whatever. I did it.

Slaying inner demons, one evil jerkface at a time.


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