Can I Get A Witness?

Sorry. Y’all get a dose of my Daughtry love again. And a third post for the day.

I just about did the most amazing jump off my couch when I saw they recorded a stripped version of Witness. This was my absolute favorite song from the concert. The 2nd night is when I snapped this pic…

I still silently geek out that I met him, twice. insert happy clap here

I have absolutely no shame in saying that I listened to this 5 times in a row already. No shame at all. I love it. I actually didn’t like this song much until the concert. I skipped it every time I heard the album version. I’ve tolerated it since the concert but now… NOW I don’t have to. Yay!


Are you sick and tired of being sick and tired?
Hollowed out and feeling uninspired
The question I keep asking is what
Will it take to ease your worried mind
Your worried mind

Now you’re letting your confusion take control
And leading it down a dark and lonely road
Even that won’t last forever
Just look around and see you’re not alone
You’re not alone

If you can’t find love but you’re still not giving up
If you died at night but you still wanna live it up
And if the weight of the world is on you now
But you know you can turn it all around again
Can I get a witness? Yeah
Can I get a witness? Yeah

Does it feel like you’re just wasting time
Here without a reason or a rhyme
The answer you’ve been looking for is
There any right before your weary eyes
Your weary eyes

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