Just chill.

Today was a day. I was still chilled from yesterday. So cold, in fact, that I felt physically drained. It effected me to the point where I didn’t feel like I could drive to D’s and back home to pick up Freya. Yeah, that bad.

100 Happy Days, Day 4 – The Dirty Goose.

100 Happy Days #04. Feb 20, 2015

After burrowing under my blanket when I got home from work, I decided to take a hot bath to see if that would help with the chill. Finally, after a 30 minute HOT bath followed by a steaming hot shower, I’m finally comfortable.

Back in my comfy clothes and a Dirty Goose with a six olives (you gotta double up when they’re small, right?)… that borderline cranky mood finally snapped.

What a miserable 36 hours or so. I hate being cold.

Bath bubbles would have been more accurate for my “Happy Days” pic but, well, inappropriate. So my cocktail it is.

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