Chilled to the bone.

I made a big mistake yesterday. I forgot my sweater when I left for work and I was wearing a short sleeve t-shirt. We jacked the heat up in our office. I drank coffee, cocoa and hot tea all day. I ate soup for lunch. Nothing helped. I was cold all day.

100 Happy Days, Day 3 – Comfort and Warmth

100 Happy Days #03. Feb 19, 2015

When I got home from work I turned the heat up in my apartment to 73. I usually keep it between 65 and 68 in there while I’m home. As soon as I walked in the door I turned on the Keurig because I knew I’d need a never-ending supply of hot water for tea. I made soup then put on the most comfy clothes, which included D’s old hoodie I over’d on him. (It’s the best! Super warm and 3 sizes too big. It’s my favorite when I’m looking for comfort.) I ate my yummy soup, made a cup of tea then tucked myself away in my favorite corner of the living room, curled up under my new woobie from my Jeanne, and watched TV all night.

OH! I received my utility bill yesterday. Keeping my apartment a couple degrees colder than normal is paying off. My bill was $40 LESS than last month and it was quite a bit colder outside. Go me!

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