Wine Wednesday.

100 Happy Days, Day 2 – February 18 is National Drink Wine Day.

Because, as a Nation, we totally need a day to celebrate drinking wine. Right?

A few years ago, when we both lived in Wisconsin, Rachel and I started getting together for a glass of wine every couple of weeks on Wednesday evenings. It was a nice break from our work/school schedules and gave us a chance to catch up. Wine Wednesday is a weekly “event” for us now that we work at the same property. We don’t miss unless I’m on call or she has to work. We also occasionally celebrate Tap Tuesdays, Throwback Thursdays and sometimes Moody Mondays. You know, to make-up for days we can’t get together or after my on-call week when weren’t able to hang out for 10 whole days.


Yesterday was National Drink Wine Day AND it was Wine Wednesday AND we didn’t hang out after work for a whole week because stuff. It was a day to celebrate! I posted a pic on SnapChat of my wine glass and captioned it “Happy Drink Wine Day!” One of my friends sent this back.

100 Happy Days #02. Feb 18, 2015


I can only assume Rachel is the one with pink hair and I’m the red-head.

The Runners-Up.

Our bartender suggested we try this beer.


It was… okay. The orange slice made it better. That name, though.

Speak No Evil, See No Evil

Monk/Monkey. Whatever. We were just bummed the bartender didn’t want to participate as the “Hear No Evil” monkey.

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