100 Days Is A Long Time To Commit To Anything.

That’s what my co-worker said when I told her about a challenge I saw on Facebook. I agree. I can’t seem to commit to doing something for one day right now. That window is probably more like a handful of hours if I’m going to be entirely honest.

However, this is a photo challenge and I take a billion photos a day. I’m exaggerating but I do take a lot every day whether it’s something silly for SnapChat, a post to Instagram or a Facebook status. There’s always something. There shouldn’t be a reason that I don’t complete this. I may not post every single day because that is some real commitment and ain’t nobody got time for that. BUT I can commit to taking the pics and will share the stories behind them.

Oh. Ha. The challenge… It’s the 100 Happy Days Challenge. The header graphic on that site made me giggle a little “Can You Be Happy For 100 Days in a Row?” Well, duh. I find happiness every single day. I spend most of my day laughing, cracking jokes and having a good time. I just bitch and complain more than I should and tend to obsessively blog about D. This will give my blog another focus. (You don’t have to cheer so loud.)

My start date was yesterday. I didn’t post the on my start day as intended because I was sleeping by 8p. (See, this is why I’m not committing to actually posting every day.) My end date is May 27.

100 Happy Days, Day 1 – Braiding Rachel’s Hair.

100 Happy Days #01. Feb 17, 2015

Rachel and I were at lunch yesterday. She came to work with a side braid and one side kept falling out of the braid. After she got a little frustrated because a chunk fell out after she just twisted her hair I asked, “Wanna go in your office and I can do a french braid along the bottom that goes from one side to the other?” She excitedly agreed and we got up and walked quickly to her office.

love that I got a chance to do this. Rachel will be 30 years old next month. It was a special little moment for us. This was the first time I french braided her hair since she was a little girl. I’ve braided it for her a couple of times over the past few years but this was the first french braid. It takes a little more effort. It wasn’t perfect because I’m really out of practice and I have a sliced index finger but she loved it anyway. When I was finished she asked me, “Do I look like Katniss?!”

I adore my niece so much.

When I returned to my office I peeked around the corner to my co-worker and said to her as I was smiling and clapping like a child, “I just braided Rachel’s hair!” She found it quite amusing. I promptly sat down and Googled a bunch of different braid styles that to try on her hair on nights we’re just hanging out at one of our apartments. Some of the styles will be tricky because her hair shaft is flat and slick (Native hair generally is) but we’ll figure it out. I can’t wait.

(I have a few pictures ready for Day 2 but I’ll be getting together with Rachel for Wine Wednesday shortly.  We generally do something silly so I don’t want to jump the gun and post something when I’m certain there will be something better.)

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