I’ve never really been quite sure about the neighbors downstairs. The woman is okay, not overly friendly but decent. She really keeps to herself (but so do I). I suppose when you have new neighbors moving in & out of here every year or so, why get too friendly.

The dude (who the rest of this is about) always creeped me out a little bit, I don’t know… weird vibe. He’s been more than helpful a couple of times. He voluntarily helped haul my heavy couch upstairs and as much as he could with my washer & dryer. I still had that weird vibe… even more so after he came right out and said, “I don’t want to scare you” before helping with the washer & dryer. I never had anyone say that before so it made me pause and raise an eyebrow. Mostly because he doesn’t intimidate me and fear has never entered my mind.

Anyway. I got home today, knowing I’d have to shovel my way into my house & parking spot. It took me a good 45 minutes to clear the snow from the sidewalk in front of the house because it was so heavy. When I finished, I took a walk around the back of the house to start shoveling my parking spot to find he already had it cleared for me. I’m pretty sure he’s also salted the steps for me when we had freezing rain a few weeks ago and cleared the snow after the last bit of snow.

I wish I could figure out whatever it is about him that makes me feel uneasy, especially when he’s been so helpful. I also wish I could remember his name!

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