How soon is too soon?

To Put Up Christmas Decorations

There is a house on a side road 5ish miles from where I work. You can see it from the highway. Every year they would have their Christmas lights on beginning November 1. For years I drove by that house thinking how ridiculous it was for them to have their lights on before Thanksgiving. Then I started to look forward to it. Now that I’m living up here, driving that route to work again, I’m excited to find out if they still do that.

Normally I wait until Thanksgiving Weekend or the week after to do any sort of decorating. Scratch that. I use to wait until the week before Thanksgiving to start decorating. Starting when I moved into TheHut in 2008, I was lucky if the tree went up 2 weeks before and that was all the decorating I did. My divorce from Ex2 was final in November of 2007 & it took a great friend to come over and help me decorate a week before Christmas that year.

Really, 2006 was the last time I did what was “normal” to me. Eight years. I haven’t gone all out decorating for Christmas in eight. years. It seems like forever. It use to be my favorite thing in the world. Then it sadly turned into just a tree with a few prayers for no broken ornaments in the tiny hut of a house I lived in.

Anyway. Ever since I moved into my apartment in April, I’ve been super excited to decorate for Christmas. I have my own space and can do whatever I want. Plus, I have this killer staircase I can’t wait to drape with garland. My plan was to wait until Thankgiving Weekend because I’m on-call for work and will have to stick close to home anyway. However, the thrill of getting to do my absolute favorite thing my way after 8 years is getting to be a bit too much for me. The autumn decorations may come down this weekend to prep for my holiday decorating.

I’m so excited thinking about it that it’s hard not to do a happy clap.

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  1. Jeanne says:

    That’s crazy talk! LOL. Thanksgiving weekend is early enough for me…. that’s about a month of decorations. I love Christmas but, geez, Halloween just got done!

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