A few more notes

I was so excited about documenting the fact that I met Daughtry that I forgot to talk about the music! They didn’t perform Gone Too Soon. I was relieved. However, all the time I spent listening to it over the past 6 weeks helped me heal one of my “broken pieces”. I seriously did a happy clap when they did Start of Something Good the 2nd night. Of course, I had to tell Kim all about the car during the concert. Oopsie.

These were my two favorite songs from the new album that he performed.


Wild Heart

I hate lyric videos but that’s all I could find other than really bad concert videos.

This was such a chill concert. I was in front at the railing and didn’t get pushed around at all either night. The backs of my arms were slightly bruised from leaning on the railing but that was it. What a nice change from when I went to the Bret Michaels concert last year and nearly got into a fight with a drugged out, wasted chick.

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  1. Kim says:

    Chill concerts are the best! We went to a Godsmack concert and even though I was close enough to touch Sully. I got pushed around more times than I’d like to admit. lol

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