I heart you, Shazam.

Last night I was watching old episodes of a TV show. During one of the episodes I heard a small clip of a song, maybe 30 seconds. I knew I needed it as soon as it started playing so I quickly grabbed my phone and ran toward the TV to Shazam it. I needed to find out the name of the song. It was Wildest Moments by Jessie Ware. (Having a phone by me at all times comes in super handy in moments like this.)

I never heard of Jessie Ware before that but she’s all I’ve listened to all day. This is her latest release.

I can see many quiet nights chilling at the apartment listening to her while drinking a glass of wine.

PS – The show was Being Mary Jane. Whoooooa. I’m addicted. I can’t wait until the new season starts. I love Gabrielle Union.


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