Posters on my walls when I was growing up

  • Poison. Especially Bret Michaels but I did have several pics of the other band members.
  • RATT. Stephen Pearcy, yo.
  • Warrant. I loved me some Jani Lane.
  • Motley Crue. I never really was into a single member but my childhood BFF loved Nikki Sixx so I had a 4-page spread of him on my wall for her.
  • Michael Jackson
  • Menudo. Robi Rosa and Ricky Martin.
  • I also cycled through different “hair metal” bands & other 80s artists, depending on what I was into at the time.

I don’t think “on my walls” correctly defines this. Saying they were plastered like wallpaper is a bit of an understatement, too. I had posters on all 4 walls from floor to ceiling, my door, the ceiling, on the bottom of the top bunk when I had bunk beds, and the side of my desk. I think I might have even put one in my window briefly. No “blank” space was safe.

I updated posters monthly when the new TigerBeat, BOP, 16, and MetalEdge magazines came out. Every 2-3 months all the posters would come down so I could rearrange them.

The majority were Poison & Menudo related. I recently found 2 posters that Mom stashed away for me… Bret Michaels & Poison. Mom knew who I really loved.

30 Days Of Lists: Day 16/30

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3 Responses to Posters on my walls when I was growing up

  1. Kim says:

    Ah the posters! You had I had the same posters, I bet. lol I never had a Menudo poster though. I wasn’t and still aren’t into boy bands. lol I did have a Depeche Mode Poster and a HUGE poster of Billy Idol because he was my teenage fantasy. lol Well, one of them. I had three. Billy Idol, Simon Le bon and Dave Gahan. lol

  2. Jeanne says:

    I was wondering if you were going to mention Menudo. I think most teen girls had “wallpaper” posters.

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