Labor Day Weekend 2014

I originally had big plans for my Labor Day Weekend. I was supposed to get together with my closest friends for an end of summer night out. I was supposed to go up to my home town. I wasn’t in the mood for the “party” side of either of those so I decided against both.

During a conversation with my niece, Rachel, on Friday morning, I asked if she felt like going up to Door County with me. She thought it sounded fun so we decided to head up on Sunday. She just happened to post a reference to “Wreck It Journal” by Keri Smith that afternoon. While checking it out, I discovered “The Pocket Scavenger” and thought it would be a fun addition to our mini road trip.

Our fun ended up starting early after the hot water heater broke at my apartment Saturday afternoon. Rachel was amazing enough to take me in for the weekend. Such a spontaneous event that lead up to our last sleep over at her Green Bay apartment. (It made me a bit sad for a moment when that occurred to me this morning. One chapter closes as another begins & all that. So many new, exciting changes this year.)

Anyway. Rachel & I hit the road about noon on Sunday, following the Door County Wine Trail. We had such a great time. The Pocket Scavenger ended up being an amazing way to document our trip and the silliness that occurs when we get together.  I was really surprised that we finished 15 of the 72 items in the book.

There are a lot of images here but they are worth a look. We are get comical, especially when we learn that my artistic/creative abilities are somewhat lacking after a 5 year break. Scavenges 9-12 were at Rachel’s apartment. We had craft supplies spread all over her living room floor, even Kadie “PhatCat” wanted to join in on the fun.


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