Smoochie's Skull Flap

Smoochie’s Skull Flap

I sent D this picture asking, “Which one should I use for Smoochie’s new skull flap?” Maybe I should have warned him I was calling Smoochie’s hole repair fabric a skull flap because he responded, “The music notes because it’s happiest with the rainbow colors… and does not look like blood color.” Oops.

Honestly, I was hoping he’d pick the music notes skull flap but asked for his opinion anyway. He has to look at Smoochie every day so better not to accidentally offend him… with something that might be too close to the color of blood. My reasoning is that Freya loves music. One of her favorite things to do is to chill at D’s feet while he plays guitar. If she loves a song, she’ll snuggle his feet. If she hates it, she’s sigh emphatically.

Smoochie's New Brains

Smoochie’s New Brains

This is what I decided to use for brains. I can’t find any batting leftover from other projects and had these scraps saved for whatever reason.

D had a great idea for me to include a little something of mine in with Smoochie’s brains. That way Freya will have something of mine that she can smell when she plays with her favorite stuffie. Such a thoughtful idea. I never would have thought of that.

When she lived with him as a pup, I use to sleep with an extra travel pillow then give her pillowcase to snuggle during the week while we were away from each other. I went through a lot of pillowcases but it was well worth it.

Anyway. Here’s Smoochie, all clean & prepped for surgery. I hope it’s successful. I never performed brain surgery before.

Prepped For Surgery

Prepped For Surgery

As Dr. Derek Shepherd would say, “It’s a beautiful day to save lives!” (and stuffies!)

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