Lunch Thought Spew

  • Walking is hard. Buns. Thighs. Ow.
  • I still have a good 35 pounds or so on my niece. Why do people still confuse us from a distance? Today it was one of her BFFs. I mean… Really.
  • I’m thinking about doing the Mackinac Bridge Walk/Run on Monday. It’s been about 15 years since the last time I did it. I wonder if I’m brave enough to walk across now.
  • Seriously… My right glute. Every. single. step. I’ve never been so aware of my butt.
  • I love food so why do I keep forgetting to eat?
  • Oh, my football loving dog. (See header.) Hopefully she doesn’t destroy that toy because there’s no fixing that one.
  • I’m not in one single Fantasy Football League this year. I went from 3 to none. So weird.
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