Randomness – The P.M. Version


While I was whining about getting twitchy after deleting one of my social media accounts, my dear Koala friend suggested I write my randomness down on a piece of paper, make copies of it then distribute it on a street corner. Genius, I tell ya. I thought about it. The writing it down part, anyway. I did it before. Twice. However, this time I changed my mind and signed up for 30 Days of Lists instead. Focused random. Or something like that.

Watered down version of why I deleted previously mentioned account.

I’m dealing with a ginormous pile of poo right now. That poo came flying at me from all directions this weekend and I hit my breaking point. As silly as it might sound, having that account active right now keeps me from dealing with the poo in a healthy way. Easier to vent and avoid than to process. Or something like that.

Habits are hard to break, yo.

legallyblondequoteFor real. It’s even harder to form new/old habits when you’ve been doing something else for so long.

Working out consistently is one of those habits. The control freak in me got one heck of a thrill last year because I was in complete control of reshaping my body. Why this is so hard to get back into when it’s such a ridiculous (and healthy) high is beyond me.

Having a crafty or creative outlet is another. This has always been sporadic for me. If you guys saw the amount of crafty/sewing/DIY stuff I have that I rarely use, you’d either laugh or raise your eyebrow and try to convince me to purge. Let me tell you, it’s a really good thing I have 3 bedrooms and space in the basement. I recognized that I need to start getting rid of some of this stuff so I’m diving into a few unfinished projects. Also, my love for Freya and her destroying her stuffies to rebel against seeing her Momma helps me a little here. But, c’mon. I mean, really? I have to attach an old ear to a new skull flap to an old head with new brains. My skill set is too limited for that right now. No “or something like that” here because… geez, Freya.

Magic 8 Ball says…


Okay then. Thanks, Magic 8 Ball!



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2 Responses to Randomness – The P.M. Version

  1. Jeanne says:

    I’m proud of you for doing that (deleting that account)! You can do it!! I can’t wait to see some of the finished projects.

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