Shit’s gettin’ real.

Remember Freya’s stuffie I wrote about a couple of weeks ago? I got him all fixed up for her. His nose is slightly flatter and one ear is much shorter but he’s repaired.

Repaired Stuffie

I returned Stuffie and her blanket (which now resembles Frankenstein’s face) to her this afternoon. I gave Freya her repaired treasures right away when I got to TheHut. She ran over to her bed with them immediately. As soon as she laid down to play with Stuffie, D says to Freya, “Show her Smoochie…” Smoochie is Freya’s absolute favorite stuffie. She got him from my sister Sharon nearly 4 years ago. She’s done nothing but love & treasure that thing since day 1. Beyond being a drooly, dirty dog toy, Smoochie stayed in perfect condition. She didn’t even rip off his nose or kill his squeak like she does with all of her other toys.

Anyway. Smoochie was hiding last time I visited TheHut. When Freya didn’t bring him to me after I excitedly said, “Ohhhh! You found Smoochie! Let me say hi.” I knew something was up. Just beyond Freya’s bed I saw Smoochie laying on the living room floor. He didn’t look good.

Poor Smoochie.

I don’t just have to patch Smoochie… I have to give him new brains, figure out a new skull flap, and reattach the ears. She did quite the number on him.

If He Only Had A Brain.

She’s a smart girl, that one. I was supposed to visit last week sometime but didn’t get a call to set up a day. Freya wasn’t pleased that I was gone longer than she overheard I said I would be (yes, overheard) so she took it out on her favorite stuffie 2 days ago. I’m glad she’s limited to taking her frustrations out on her babies so far instead of getting mad at me for not being there. Unless she’s already figured out that breaking her babies means that I’ll definitely come back soon…

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2 Responses to Shit’s gettin’ real.

  1. Jeanne says:

    Dang, Smooshie is worse than I imagined when you first told me about it! Good luck with that one.

    • Kit-Kat says:

      Yeah, he’s in pretty bad shape. I might give him a cotton skull flap since I have the leftover fabric. I have also have leftover batting from my Domo project that I can use for the brains. Now I just have to figure out how to put all the pieces back together.

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