Take me to the doctor, fix me up.

The above quote is from D’s nephew when he was 4 years old. He hurt himself and to get him to stop crying D asked if they needed to take him to the doctor to fix him up. A few weeks/months later, he got hurt again. D asked if he was okay & the nephew replied, “I dunno. Take me to the doctor, fix me up.”

This time I’m the doctor. (Scary, I know.) I’m not fixing humans, though.

Freya ripped one of her blankets with her claw when she was a pup. The tear got really big over the past several months so I grabbed it while I was visiting yesterday so I could patch it up. While D & I were discussing how I would fix the blanket she brought this over and set it in my lap, piece by piece…

Achy Breaky... Ear.

Achy Breaky… Ear.

Freya apparently had enough of me being away from her. On Wednesday evening she decided to take it out on the last stuffie I gave her. I should be happy she kept the heart intact, just ripping off the nose & ear.

Anyway, listening to the discussion about how I was going to patch up her blanket and return it, she wanted me to take her beloved stuff home to fix it at the same time. Never in my life did I think I’d be patching up babies for my dog. However, I never thought I’d have a dog as intelligent as she is to actually “ask” for me to patch one up, either.

Sidenote: Freya not a destructive dog. She normally doesn’t have any sort of behavior issues unless she’s going through something really traumatic. Even then, it’s usually just whining. After I didn’t show up on Tuesday night (D forgot to tell her we rescheduled) she got whiny, ran away a few times, beat up one of her doggie friends and ripped the ear off a stuffie. It breaks my heart to see how much she’s affected by not seeing me weeks at a time. Hopefully D & I can get something figured out that works for both of us.

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  1. Jeanne says:

    The things we do for our dogs hey!

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