That Top 5 Challenge Thing.

There was a challenge circulating on Facebook a couple of weeks ago asking people to post the top 5 pictures that make them feel beautiful. When challenged I cracked a joke, “Do I have to post just 5?!” Seriously, I thought of at least 10 right away. I’m cheesy like that. I wasn’t going to post them at all because I didn’t want to include one of them. However, instead of posting them on Facebook or any other social media platform, I decided to finally post them here because they still mean something to me. And I’m bored.

The first pic is from January 1992. It’s my winter cheerleading picture taken during my senior year of high school.

The second pic is from our annual girl’s weekend in August 2007. I have no idea who the chick is in the photo with me. We were chatty and after she took a group photo for us, we decided to take a selfie together. It turned out to be one of my favorite pics for a handful of years.

The next is from December 2007. I was on a longer stretch at home for work and was getting excited because it was just a few more days before D & I would spend a long Christmas vacation together, our first as a couple. As weird as it may sound, this ended up being one of my favorite pics because I see my own Native features here more than in any of the others. Long hair/little make-up thing, maybe? Who knows.

Next is from December 2008, one week after I moved into TheHut. This is the pic that made me not post the challenge on social media. When I took the pic I promised D I wouldn’t post it on Facebook. Technically, I kept that promise. Actually, I really didn’t post it because it stings a little (okay, a lot). The pics taken around this one are silly and full of laughter. In the middle of it all, we had a moment. I look rough in the whole series but never felt more beautiful. I don’t even think I had showered yet that day because I was so excited to have our first tree together. This picture… it tells a lot about our love for each other. The only thing missing here is Freya but she was busy playing in the twinkling lights.

And, finally, a weight-loss picture. Taken with one of my closest friends while I was visiting during Labor Day Weekend 2013. I honestly never felt so fabulous in my life.

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