Bitter Sweet

As some of you (in my readership of like 12 or so) know through social media, I put my 2 week notice in at work on Monday. For those of you that don’t know… I accepted my old position and am heading back to the UP. I am excited for the move home. I am. I love my new/old job. The move is just a big adjustment that I wasn’t quite ready for. But, I’m getting there.


My week has been pretty quiet for the most part since the department is starting to make transitions to cover my daily tasks. Unless they were a Facebook friend or in HR, people I work with really didn’t hear about my upcoming move. This morning I suddenly had a quiet a few people come up to me to ask questions, wish me well, and harass me for leaving them. I found it odd that everyone found out at once… until one person finally clued me in. They put the following in our monthly newsletter (which I didn’t see because it’s with my pay stub at the main office).

March 2014

Such sweet people. I love that they even apologized for lifting a pic from Facebook! So I don’t get all sniffley again, I’ll just pull part of my FB post.

“…I really love the people I work with at MTE. I’ve said numerous times that it was never my dream job but the people there really made me enjoy where I worked. They truly have hearts of gold. I’ve never worked in anything like it & I’ll miss everyone greatly.”

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  1. Kim says:

    Congratulations on your new/old job. How sweet of your co-workers to post that in the newsletter. You’re very fortunate to work with people that you actually like. :)

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