Pucker Up.

Lip StuffsI am so ridiculously addicted to lip balm, chapstick & lip gloss. This is all I have with me right now because I recently switched jackets and purses. Normally have a few more, especially with the way this wicked winter has been sucking every ounce of moisture out of my skin & lips. So gross.

My current fav is that pretty little white tube, Baby Lips Dr. Rescuse –  Too Cool. Sadly, my least fav of that bunch is my eos Sphere. It used to be my favorite but it’s just way too heavy & greasy now. Perhaps I’ve had it too long? I picked it up last spring. Chapstick is, well, chapstick. The other 2 lip gloss/shimmers are in case of emergencies because, you know, I have a lot of those. (I’m laughing.)

That First Kiss.

A couple of days ago I was thinking about topics for this post and drifted away into daydreaming about first kisses… the good, the bad, and the ugly. I mean, c’mon. Who in their right mind thinks it’s okay to suck your face off? Jeezus. It was worse that this whole scene…

Anyway.  At least the good were really good and make up for that nightmare of a memory. However, it occurred to me that I don’t remember my first kiss with either ex-husband or my high school sweetie. Three of my 4 long-term relationships and I have absolutely no memory of my first kiss with any of them. How funny is that? Or is it sad? I can’t decide which. Right now I’m amused by it.

And The Jams.

From back in the day:

And the 90s:

And something current:

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  1. Jeanne says:

    I agree this winter has been torture on the lips! Just in that picture you have more than I do this year!! I bought something other than Blistex this year… Vaseline Lip Therapy. It sure has helped a lot.

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