So Random That I Can’t Think Of An Appropriate Title

The Pinterest-Interests.

1) I don’t dig the whole concept behind Valentine’s Day but love the crafting, decorating, and eating part. You know, the fun ‘holiday’ type stuff. I’ve never been an anti-Valentine’s Day person, even through the worst whatever in my life. That said, this year I find the anti-Valentine’s Day stuff particularly hilarious, so much so that I ended up going on an anti-Valentine’s Day pinning spree yesterday – right onto my Valentine’s Day board. I did try to mix it up a little bit so I didn’t look completely jaded to the random person that wandered into the board.

This card is my fav. I need this travel mug. And, finally, these cookies… I laughed a teeny tiny bit harder than I should have. In my defense, it started out pretty innocently when I found a recipe for Red Velvet Molten Lava Cupcakes. Yum.

2) I can’t wait to have a living space that’s actually worth decorating. And where I have space to craft/sew. And where I can have an outdoor living space without the nosy neighbor w/binoculars that lives behind us. Stupid Hut.

3) Is it just the boards I follow or do other people see a lot of recipes that feature balsamic vinegar lately?

The Fitness/Weightloss.

I lost 5 pounds last week. So yay. Unfortunately, I’ve been feeling sick the past couple days so the workout thing isn’t happening. I really only have the energy to get myself where I need to be. It feels like the flu but not a full blown flu where I feel like I want to just hide under my blankets and die. I really hope the sickies disappear by the time I wake up tomorrow morning because I really don’t need be thrown completely off-track already.

The Bitchies.

  • I have the serious winter blahs. Seriously, the dry skin is enough to make me nuts alone. There’s not enough lotion on earth. Don’t get me started on socks & the lack of flip-flops.
  • I’m tired of drinking tea to stay warm.
  • My dog. Why she whine so much? Fo’ realz.
  • I get that some things take a while but why does it always have to be the stuff that I want to hurry up? Especially when I’m putting other stuff on hold because of previously mentioned stuff.

The Earworms.

This one popped in my head Monday morning and it got me to watch Rent that evening for the since shortly after the movie came out. Will I ever be able to watch it without crying?

Because, yeah.

Whoa, I’m really moody.

Because I can’t end on that note, here’s a pretty view from a ride on my brother’s boat for you.

Ludington Park

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One Response to So Random That I Can’t Think Of An Appropriate Title

  1. Jeanne says:

    The anti-Valentine’s Day stuff is kind of funny! This winter has been brutal on the skin. I don’t think my legs have ever itched so much in one winter!

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