Memories of Christmases Past

I’ve been sort of doing a pick & choose thing with the Holidailies prompts. I wasn’t into the Grinch Week thing so I skipped those completely. I really didn’t want a week of posts where I did nothing but complain about a season that I usually love, even if I’m having difficulties this year. I took a peek and got sort of excited when I saw  the prompt for Sunday was,

What do you miss the most from your childhood holidays, now that you are an adult?

Simply put… Mom.

But it goes beyond the obvious. To this day it amazes me how a widowed mother of 6 managed to make Christmas as magical as she did, especially when you consider that my absolute favorite memories are within just a couple years of when Dad passed. Her strength, and the strength of my siblings, still amazes me. Anyway, there are 3 pictures and 2 songs immediately came to mind that stand out among some of the favorites.

For me, it wasn’t about the presents. Okay. That’s a ridiculously dumb statement. As a mini, I was all about the presents. What the adult version of me misses most doesn’t have anything to do with the gross amount of gifts Santa spoiled us with.

Mrs. Claus & The Caroling Elves

Mrs. Claus' Elves

Mrs. Claus’ Elves

Mom used to dress as Mrs. Claus and dress me, my sisters, and my cousins as elves then we’d go Christmas caroling. All of our elf costumes were homemade using t-shirts, tights, snow hats, and Christmas stockings. Mom wore a long, heavy red dress, a grey wig and glasses. To be honest, I don’t remember the caroling part but did I ever LOVE dressing up as Mom’s littlest elf. I mean… look at how freakin’ adorably happy I am in this picture. My cheesy self is front & center, of course.

I really can’t figure out why I have a feather in my hat, but, whatever. Maybe one of my sisters can shed some light on that. What I do remember is how excited I was getting dressed up and thought being able to wear Christmas stockings on my feet was the best thing ever. Being the youngest, I was also spoiled so I remember creating a little drama (maybe over the feather but, again, who knows).

I might not be able to sing but this was a tradition I wanted to carry over if I was lucky enough to have a family. That’s how much I loved it.


So Matchy Matchy

So Matchy Matchy

Look at me all diva like, strikin’ a pose, showing of my fabulous matching dress.

I always chuckle about this tradition, mostly because I wonder about the viewpoint of the older child.

As the little sister, I thought it was the greatest thing in the world to have a pretty dress that matched my big sister (who is 7 1/2 years older than me, by the way). I always wonder what she thought about having a dress exactly like her baby sister. When I post pictures of us wearing matching dresses she’ll say things like, “I loved that dress!” My memories about this are just brief flashes, mostly about how I felt, because I was so young.

So I can’t help but wonder… did she love the fact that BabySister pranced around in the exact same dress? Was she okay with it? She’s smiling in the pic but she looks less than thrilled. Or was that just her standard “I’m standing here smiling because Mom wants a pic” pose?

Who Really Needs To Wear Clothes, Anyway?

Totally Not Awkward

Totally Not Awkward

The last picture I have to dig up. I’ll update the post as soon as I find it. In the meantime, I’ll just use this somewhat embarrassing non-Christmas pic of me scratching my ass because it illustrates the point. Good Lord.

No, the point isn’t about me scratching my ass.

I hated clothes as a child. Correction. I hate clothes. I miss the days where it was perfectly acceptable to wake up on Christmas morning, jump out of bed, run to see what’s under the tree & tear open all the presents then hang out all day playing with your stuff… all while you’re in just your undies. I realize that it would be totally awkward to do that as an adult but I miss it, nonetheless.

I get the whole hanging out on in your undies playing with your toys  isn’t acceptable in some families but Mom let me do it.  Although, I really have to wonder if she let me do it or if she just gave up the battle of trying to keep me clothed. I was the kid that liked to strip down & run around outside half-naked.

It was fun and I felt free.

UPDATE: I found it! (12/19/13, 1:15p)

A Hula Hoop and A Jacked Up Grill

My two favorite Christmas songs from my childhood are The Chipmunk Song and All I Want For Christmas is My  Two Front Teeth. I’m amazed that I didn’t wear out either record because I listened to them all. the. time. Each Christmas I would fall asleep by the tree listening to one of the two records while I waited for Santa to deliver his presents. I was determined to spot him. One time I woke up and saw Mom & one of my sisters straightening the presents after he left.

I was so close.

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4 Responses to Memories of Christmases Past

  1. Bonnie says:

    The feather! LOL There actually was two & we put them in your hat to look like elf ears. One kept falling out … and you’d put it back in singing “put a feather in the cap & call it macaroni”. Not a carol, but it was funny so we let you keep doing it.

    I really didn’t mind when Mom dressed us alike for whatever event she bought them for. I thought it was cute. But … man … did it annoy me when I’d wear them later & you’d see me then run go put on the same outfit.

    TONS of Christmas Day photos of us as kids in our underwear! And look at how great my clothes match. “Totally Not Awkward” LOL

  2. Jeanne says:

    The Christmas caroling with you “little ones” all dressed up is one of my favorite memories too! I showed Ken the “Totally Not Awkward” picture and he asked when you were finding in those drawers. lol. I was going to comment on Bonnie’s clothes too but she already did. :-D

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