She’s Crafty, She’s Got A Gripe

There’s something about winter that gets me in a crafting sort of mood. It’s probably because it’s too cold to do anything else but, whatever, the mood hit me again this year. Last week while I was searching for different projects to attempt, I stumbled on arm and finger knitting.  I’ve always wanted to knit but have been hesitant so, let me tell you, this whole knitting with body parts is pretty exciting to me. I can avoid the use of pokey objects and accidental jabbing wounds.

I’m currently working on an arm knitting project that is supposed to take about 30 minutes. My first attempt on Saturday took about an hour. That’s not really all that surprising because I kept referencing the video for the first few rows. However, I wasn’t completely happy with the results when I finished it so I last night I pulled it apart, rolled up the 2 skeins of yarn, and started over.  I was “knitting” away while watching TV, nearly half way finished and really excited about the results when it happened… I wasn’t paying attention and a stitch slipped out of my hand and my project fell apart. Are. you. freakin. kidding. me?! I sat there in disbelief for a 30 seconds before multiple profanities flew out of my mouth. I was SO completely frustrated. I pulled the whole thing apart (again) and rolled up the 2 skeins of yarn (again) then went to bed.

I’ll attempt the project for a 3rd time tonight when I get home. This time I’ll pop my headphones on & listen to music or something so I can focus my attention on what I’m doing. I’m determined to successfully get this thing finished before the weekend because I want to do a couple more as Christmas gifts then move on the a finger knitting project.

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  1. Jeanne says:

    Good luck! Third time’s the charm? Are you making a Christmas gift for me?? :-D

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