A Letter to Santa

One of last week’s writing prompts from Holidailies was  “Channel your inner child. Write a letter to Santa.” YES! I so got this one.

Dear Santa,

I hope you & Mrs. Claus had a good year. How are the reindeer? I’ll just get right to it…  about this year. I tried to be good. I really did. I did manage to watch what I was eating (most of the time), exercise right (most of the time), lost a bunch of weight and generally tried to be a good person. I’m hoping that offsets the other stuff.

Do I still get presents for the effort? If so, I would like

  • Fuzzy Christmas Socks, the crazier the better
  • The Grey Wolf Warrior Spirit Hood
  • A Wonder Woman Tutu
  • An Eddie Lacy Jersey (I love him, you know)
  • A knit or crocheted monster beanie
  • Fun gadgets to play with at my desk when I’m bored
  • And this pen holder.

Thank you so much for understanding. <3

Xoxo, Kit-Kat

PS – Please clean up your reindeer poop this year. Freya gives me enough to deal with.

PPS – Freya would like a new toy basketball (something soft and doesn’t squeak so she’ll play catch), a new bone, and some snackies.

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One Response to A Letter to Santa

  1. Jeanne says:

    Haha… I love “most of the time”! I want an Eddie Lacy jersey too… he’s a beast!!

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