Scoot over Yoga X. I have another love.

It’s called Kenpo X. It’s all kickboxing. It’s by far my favorite so far. Yoga is amazing because it provides the stretching and calm I need mid-week. I think Kenpo is so freakin’ incredible that it makes the hard work during the week worth it. It’s like my own little workout dessert . I kid you not.

At the beginning of the workout I had a heck of a time touching the floor during my stretch again. Since Yoga on Wednesday my darn hamstrings are so tight when they’re cold. Holy cripes. But I worked through the stretches, only doing what I could and as far as I could. I noticed I’m ridiculously off-balance when I’m cold, too. I imagine it’s kind of comical to watch me as I struggle to get into position sometimes.

I was pleasantly surprised that I was able to (mostly) keep up today. I’m obviously not able to do kicks as high as they do and I worked at a slightly slower pace on the kicking sequences. Again, balance was somewhat of an issue but not nearly as bad as when I’m cold. I had to pause twice and instead of running, jumping jacks, whatever during the breaks, I walked around to get my heart rate down.

Which reminds me… I really need to get a heart rate monitor.

By the cool down I was able to touch the floor without feeling like my hamstrings were going to snap back and slap me in the toosh. I was actually amazed that I was able to get some nice deep stretches in. It felt so good. SO good.

Now that I’m cooled down and not sweating all over the place I’m off to make my recovery smoothie then head out for the day. I’m thinking about hitting up a farmer’s market in Green Bay. If I can make it there on time. Yikes!

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