Dear Calves & Abs, I’m so sorry!

Five days down. 86 to go. With D’s encouragement to do it early in the evening instead of later tonight, legs and back today plus Ab Ripper X are complete.

Ohhhh my lawdy! My calves are swearing at me. My thighs and hamstrings are swearing at me again. My abs are straight up ready to send me to the gallows. When I saw calf raises on the workout sheet for today I was all, “Meh. No problem. I can do those all day long.” What. ever.

Bring It

Toes out and toes in calf raises bring it to a whole different level. I was seriously ready to scream for my calves on the last few. That was well AFTER wall squats and single leg walls squats. I had to stop early for both.

My legs feeling better after yoga was just an evil disguise to trick me into thinking I was ready for Legs today. They were on fire. You know the basketball in the video game NBA Jam? Those were my thighs after wall squats. My hamstrings were tight from yoga yesterday so the lunges and stretching made them whine a lot. It was a lot of work for me to touch the ground and it’s normally not a problem even when I haven’t worked out in a while.

Something I’m personally excited about (my abs, not so much) is that I was finally able to make it all the way through Ab Ripper X tonight. Boy, that lives up to it’s name. My abs felt ripped…. but more in the torn and owie sense than all six-pack abs like. Of course, I had to modify, modify, modify and only do 12-15 reps of each but I finished it. Did you take note of the number of reps? That was actually 2-5 more than what I was did the first two times only going half way through. It felt great!! But, daaaaang… My abs hurt so bad when I finished that I could hardly stand up straight.

Tomorrow is Kenpo X then Sunday is Rest/Stretch X day. Yippee! Yay for cardio! Yay for resting or stretching!

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