Christmas Nails – Attempt 1

This is my first attempt at Christmas Nails. I decided to make it somewhat easy by using straight lines.

Day 1 – After applying a base coat, I alternated red & white polish on my nails. It was my intent to make candy cane nails. I used a silver glitter paint for the top coat.

Day 2, Morning – I taped off my nails then applied the opposite color in random directions. Here’s where I changed my mind on the whole candy cane nails business. I couldn’t evenly space the stripes.

Day 2, Evening – Taped off my nails and added green nail polish. Followed by the silver glitter polish and a clear top coat.

Initially, I didn’t like how they turned out. I think partly because I wasn’t prepared for how long the whole process took. On top of it, I had to completely redo a couple nails because I bumped them and no matter how hard I tried to patch them, they still looked jacked up. It took until the next morning for me to completely fall in love with them. It was totally worth the effort and I’ll probably do this again before Christmas!

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