I Found Treasure!

Monday after work I had to stop by my storage unit for a few things. While I was there I had to move a box of old stuff that was mailed to me shortly after I moved, almost 3 years ago. The top of the box popped open when I was stacking it on top of others and I noticed this CD…


Boyz II Men – Cooleyhighharmony! YES!! I can’t tell you how long that CD was lost. I have no idea. But what great timing that it surfaced, considering it’s their 20th anniversary and all! I also found this Christmas CD under it. I grabbed it so I could add it to the always expanding Christmas music collection on my iPod.


I didn’t have a chance to look at the CDs Monday evening so I just left the in my vehicle. On my way to work on Tuesday morning I was in the mood to listen to some Christmas music. (Shh. It was November 1. Perfectly acceptable.) I couldn’t find my iPod quickly and saw the CD case laying on the seat so just grabbed that instead. When I opened it I found this…


It’s my Mary J. Blige – My Life CD!!! YESSSSS!!!!

This is one of my favorite MJB CDs and it’s been missing for at least 10 years! To say I was excited is an understatement. I let out a little squeal, closed the CD case then proceeded to hug it. Since it’s been soooo long since i listened to the CD in it’s entirety I decided to wait until I was done with work and enjoy it on my way home. Best “Halloween Suprise” EVER.

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