Throwback Weekend, Awesome Weekend

Last weekend I spent a couple days in Green Bay. It was certainly an exciting weekend. I attended a weekend long Tweet-Up. It was named Throwback weekend after the Packers announced they were going to wear their Throwback Uniforms for the home game versus St. Louis Rams.

Friday night, I met up with a few Twitter friends for drinks. I somehow managed not to take a single photo the entire night. It’s really unfortunate because I met some really great people.

Rachel & I attended the main even Saturday night in De Pere. The 3 groups involved did an amazing job planning the event. What initially started as a small get together blew up into quite the deal. Last I heard there was about 70 people that confirmed. I’d have to guess there were more. Easily.

One of the highlights of the evening was an appearance by Tom Crabtree, Packers Tight-End. Tom is really a great guy (and a fun Twitter follow). He was awesome enough to visit with fans…

… And sign autographs! This is a photo of the back his new CrabTee that will be sold on his website in about a week. The front is hilarious. I’ll take a pic to post as soon as I buy another one to wear. For as much as I want to I can’t bring myself to wearing my autographed tee even for a second. It’s highly likely something would get spilled on it.

Sunday morning I met Jeanne and my cousins, Jody & RD, for the game. While we were walking to Lambeau I remembered that the Packer Wives were doing a food drive and asked me to humor me and go on a search for a couple of my favs. Not far from the player’s parking lot we ran into Courtney & Kaydon Finley – family of Jermichael Finley, Packers Tight-End. Courtney is really sweet and Kaydon is so adorable. I was seriously star struck after meeting her!

As we were heading toward the gates to go into the game, Jeanne pointed out a couple other Packers wives. I really, really wanted to say hi and introduce myself since we communicate on Twitter but decided against it since their families were with them.

Like always, the game itself was a blast. I was able to see two of my favorite non-Packer players and adore them from 33 rows away, Sam Bradford (Rams Quarterback) and Al Harris (Rams Cornerback, former Packers CB).

Oh! I can’t fail to mention the best detail of the weekend! Packers won. Lions lost. We now stand alone as the only undefeated team in the NFL. :) GO PACK!

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