101 Things That Make Me Happy

This list is part of my Attitude Adjustment Project. I’m making the list to refer to in an effort to turn my mood around on those days that I’m in a negative place. The items on this list are in no particular order.
  1. My silly dog, Freya.
  2. Smarties.
  3. Girls Only Weekends with my best girls.
  4. Writing in the sand at the beach.
  5. A really good workout.
  6. Sexy shoes.
  7. Granny Smith Apples.
  8. The smell of crisp, Fall air.
  9. Baking Apple Pies.
  10. Curling up on the couch with a blanket and a warm beverage.
  11. Long, hot showers.
  12. Candles when used for light.
  13. Party planning.
  14. Spending time with my extended family.
  15. Finding something with my Mom’s handwriting on it.
  16. The smell of Aveda products.
  17. Christmas trees.
  18. My boyfriend’s smile.
  19. A big, comfy bed with lots of pillows.
  20. Tasteful contemporary quilts.
  21. Receiving handmade gifts.
  22. Children’s laughter.
  23. Admiring a fresh blanket of snow & not being required to drive anywhere.
  24. Going to Packers games.
  25. Handwritten love letters.
  26. Watching Food Network.
  27. Seeing trees & grass become green in the springtime.
  28. Jumping in a piles of leaves in the Fall.
  29. Small blocks of alone time.
  30. Dancing while I’m cooking supper.
  31. Picking apples &  berries.
  32. An elderly couple holding hands.
  33. Pow-Wows.
  34. Making one of Mom’s recipes and it tasting just like Mom’s.
  35. Old Red Barns.
  36. Old cars.
  37. Playing board games.
  38. Christmas decorations.
  39. New tech gadgets.
  40. Kitchen gadgets.
  41. Fresh lemonade.
  42. A tasty cocktail.
  43. Socks with crazy patterns.
  44. Finding really fun sewing patterns.
  45. The smell of sweetgrass.
  46. Bonfires.
  47. Grilling.
  48. S’mores.
  49. New clothes.
  50. Old jeans.
  51. Giving a massage.
  52. Receiving a massage.
  53. The smell of eucalyptus.
  54. Cinnamon candles.
  55. Looking at old pictures.
  56. Giving gifts.
  57. The smell of bread baking.
  58. Thanksgiving dinner.
  59. Finding a solution to a complex problem at work.
  60. New hair products.
  61. Gigantic, soft, comfy sweaters.
  62. Lake Superior.
  63. Mani/Pedis.
  64. Getting waxed.
  65. Long weekends.
  66. Watching an entire TV series starting at episode 1.
  67. Weekend mornings in bed laughing & playing with my boyfriend & Freya.
  68. The smell of fresh cut wood.
  69. The smell of balsam & cedar.
  70. Frybread.
  71. Driving my RC car.
  72. Slot car races.
  73. My boyfriend telling me I’m beautiful.
  74. Dancing.
  75. Cooking a meal with my boyfriend.
  76. Banana splits.
  77. Flipping through a Country Living, Martha Stewart or Real Simple Magazine.
  78. Clean sheets.
  79. Bubble baths.
  80. Yellow tulips.
  81. Watching the rain while sitting on a covered porch.
  82. Freya running full speed through deep, fresh snow.
  83. Seeing pictures of my boys… They were great companions over the years. I miss them.
  84. Day dreaming about decorating/remodeling a house.
  85. Perfectly roasted marshmallows
  86. Watching Grey’s Anatomy
  87. Fresh cut lawn
  88. Hearing my sisters laughing together.
  89. My brother.
  90. My brother-in-law’s pancakes & potato salad.
  91. Unexpected snail mail from family.
  92. 78 degrees with no humidity and a gently breeze.
  93. Breakfast on the weekend.
  94. Playing Xbox.
  95. A big mug of hot cocoa with lots of marshmallows
  96. Afternoon naps.
  97. Roasting hot dogs on a stick over a campfire.
  98. The first cup of coffee of the day.
  99. Babies just after a bath.
  100. Watching black & white movies.
  101. New York City in December.
Completed “#99: Write a list of 101 things that make me happy” of 101 Things in 1001 Days.
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