30 Days of Lists: List 8 – In My Bag(s)

Well would you look at that. Today’s post means I’ve posted everyday for a week. Yay me! I’m posting early this morning because I went to bed at 11p last night (very early for me) and at 430a my body decided it was time to be awake. I was going to just wait until my alarm went off at 630a but, after about 45 minutes, my mind wouldn’t shut off so here I am… enjoying a little ‘me’ time before work. This is rare.

30DAYSButtonToday’s list is In My Bag. I love this list! I generally carry two bags between home & work, my purse & my laptop bag. One would think it would be easier if I just tossed everything in my laptop bag so I wouldn’t have to carry two. If you knew how forgetful I am, you’d understand that frequently moving from purse to bag could be disastrous for me because I’m always losing something.

Anyway… My purse. I love the one I’m carrying now. It’s a smallish, cute, purple faux gator purse that I picked up on a road trip to Maryland with my sisters to welcome my cousin home from Iraq. It’s one of my top two favorite purses. I’ll be sad when I have to retire it. It’s contents currently include the following:

  1. My wallet.
  2. A room key. Uhm, oops. Forgot to leave that at the hotel a couple weekends ago.
  3. My camera.
  4. My Blackberry/work phone.
  5. My cell phone. Android rocks!
  6. My pager. This needs to get put back into my laptop bag since I’m not on call anymore.
  7. 5 pens.
  8. A tiny hair clip.
  9. A hair tie.
  10. Stamps.
  11. 2 types of Lip stuffs – a lip tint and a lip gloss.
  12. A USB key.
  13. Tide-to-go Instant Stain Remover. A necessity cuz I can be a slob – inherited from my momma.
  14. A yardage list for a quilt pattern I’m working on.
  15. My extra foundation.
  16. Various receipts.
  17. Hemp Hand Protector from The Body Shop. LOVE it!
  18. And… my remote for the stereo in my Jeep. Oh, there it is!

Whoa. That’s a lot of stuff in that little thing. Who knew! (Obviously not me since I just found my car stereo remote.)

Now for my laptop bag. This travels overnight with me and sometimes things get tossed in here instead of my travel bag if I’m packing in a hurry.

  1. My laptop
  2. Power cable
  3. Network cable. For those hotels that still don’t have wireless.
  4. Battery charger for my camera
  5. Wall charger for my cells
  6. Beads in Packers colors. Oops, need to take those out of there
  7. A Fitness magazine.
  8. Old junk mail. Tossing now…
  9. 2 more USB keys
  10. 2 Purell. Oh, I need to put one of those in my purse!
  11. 2 hair ties.
  12. Bobby pins.
  13. A few paperclips.
  14. My resume. You just never know.
  15. A travel deodorant. For when I have to do manual labor at work! haha. I’m joking. Like I said, my laptop bag travels overnight with me.
  16. A Dior perfume sample.
  17. A comb.
  18. Stride gum. Sweet Peppermint variety.
  19. Another room key. Wth.

Update: Glad I did this list! As I was heading out the door to catch my ride to work, I realized my badges for work were in my Jeep instead of my purse!

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  1. Sarah says:

    Tide-to-go Instant Stain Remover has saved me SO many times. And I love love love Hemp Hand Protector from The Body Shop, best stuff ever!

    Sarah´s last entry – Girl dates are the best

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