Does Not Compute.

Tonight I was chatting while chatting with PnkSweetHrt, I told her that I’m on the verge of listening to Christmas music & was going to bring my iPod, which is loaded with like 300 Christmas songs, to work tomorrow. Boyfriend ended up siding with her hubby (who I happened to work with) and said it’s way too early to start listening to Christmas music. I tried to argue the fact that I use to start November 1 but the earliest I could negotiate was November 15. Fine then. Score one for the boys.

Fast forward a few hours. I’m surfing around looking at different holiday (*ahem* cocktail) recipes when I state, “I need a subscription to Food Network Magazine.” Boyfriend tells me to write it on my Christmas list. I blew it and continues surfing around. A few minutes goes by and BF is hoisting my buns off the couch, telling me I need to grab a pen and write it down right now. Why is it that I need to make a list but it’s too early to do anything else Christmas related? My mind doesn’t separate the activities. Christmas is Christmas. If I start writing lists, I’m in full-on Christmas mode.

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2 Responses to Does Not Compute.

  1. Tiffany says:

    Christmas Music!! <3

  2. Jeanne says:

    why make a list now? cuz cash is not always as readily available as the music is. if you ask me, it’s wayyy to early to listen to christmas music.

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