Happy Summer!

Boyfriend, Freya, & I took a ride out to the Rez for Father’s Day. When we got to his parent’s house Freya made a bee-line straight down to the lake.

Splish Splash

This has been her new favorite thing since she discovered it about a month ago. She originally started going down there to get a drink when she was warm… until she slipped in one day. Ever since it’s been big, splashy fun. She usually only goes in until her tummy touches the water but she made a new discovery yesterday… she knew how to swim! Yet another thing that makes her a super cool dog is that she likes to stick her nose in water & blow bubbles. Okay. Not so cool when she does it in her water dish at home and gets the kitchen floor soaked but it’s still amusing to watch her. Anyway, she started fetching sticks that we’d toss in for her. One time I accidentally tossed in a waterlogged stick that sunk to the bottom. She dove under the water and got it! I have a dog that dives!! I heart her.

Later in the afternoon BF’s brother had to go out to the woods to fuel up some of the equipment so the 3 of us took a ride into the woods with him. It was a fun ride. It would have been perfect had I not accidentally sat on some fresh cut pine logs & got pitch all over my shorts. Oops. Since I was out & had my camera I decided to take a few pics.

This is by far my favorite pic of the day.
What cha lookin' at down there?

Here are a couple others.
OMG! Look at these huge sticks!!

A lake in the woods

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  1. Pauline says:

    Looks like great fun!

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