She likes to move it, move it

Tonight Freya, the boys, and I were hanging out watching TV while Boyfriend took a nap. I started flipping through the channels to find a movie when Freya put her buns right in the path of the cable box. Every time I moved the remote, Freya kept getting in the way. Finally I speak up, “Freya! Move your buns! I’m trying to change the channel!”

So what does Freya do? Squats her buns down about 2 inches – just enough for the remote’s signal to hit the cable box – and looks over at me with a “how’s that?” sort of look on her face. I nearly fell off the chair laughing because it was so freakin’ adorable. That was totally not what I had in mind when Boyfriend told me that his dogs can understand everyday conversations.

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One Response to She likes to move it, move it

  1. Pauline says:

    LOL! Silly Freya! Kind of a smartie pants, hey?

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