A couple weeks ago I was IMing with my friend, Dawn. I was telling her about how bummed I was that I haven’t been able to get back up to Michigan since I moved because I really wanted to pick up my sewing machine. I’ve been looking for something constructive to do on the weekends so I’m not investing all my time in gaming. She’s super excited for me to dive in so she offered to send me one of her Husqvarna Viking Sapphire 830 sewing machines (what an awesome friend, huh????). Excitedly, I took her up on her incredible offer and it was on my doorstep a few days later. The only problem was that I didn’t have any other supplies because they’re up in Michigan so my Sewcapades were put on hold for a little bit.

Today, Boyfriend & I took a ride to Green Bay so he could pick up the guitar he ordered himself as a gift for himself for his 40th birthday. While we were there I picked up a new iron & ironing board as well as a new rotary mat, rotary cutter, ruler, needles, etc. I also bought fabric for a quilt that I’m making for Boyfriend’s sister as a Valentine’s Day gift from us.  I’ll post pics of the fabric in the next couple days since I forgot to charge the battery for my camera. Freya absolutely loved the colors… some of them she liked so much that she wanted to eat them! heh.

I’m super nervous since the only other thing I’ve sewn in my life was a quilt for ExH and I had Jeanne’s assistance. This will be the first project on my own (yikes!) and this fancy computerized sewing machine has me slightly intimidated but I’m diving in anyway. I have a few cool projects lined up that I can’t wait to share – like the super cool guy/rocker-ish oven mitts I’m making for Boyfriend and a most fabulous laptop case for the most fabulous pink laptop that I’m getting for work.

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  1. Sharon says:

    Wow – you really are diving in… Head first! LOL Have fun with the projects. Don’t forget to post pics! Dawn was really nice to loan you one of her machines – and a pretty good one at that!

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